3 Dance Videos We Can't Stop Watching

July 7, 2016

Sometimes, the internet blesses us with a standout week of viral dance videos. This is one of those weeks. Each video thoughtfully uses movement to tackle a big idea—whether that’s exploring a complex scientific concept, speaking out about important global issues or using dance to heal and remember. Dance that does good and makes for gorgeous videos? Yes, please.

Fabricating Performance

In this video, dance meets industrial CNC pipe to create beautiful, intricate sculptures. Sound weird? You might have to see it to believe it. “Fabricating Performance,” created by the Interactive Architecture Lab, is half performance art, half science experiment. A machine tracks a dancer’s movement, and bends pipes to match her. The pipes are placed around the room throughout her performance, and eventually she’s dancing with a sculpture of her own design.



Remember in the mid-90s when the Spice Girls asked us to “tell me what you want, what you really, really want”? “Wannabe” was already a girl power anthem, but this video takes it to the next level. What do girls and women “really, really want”? How about an education for every girl, equal pay for equal work and an end to violence against women? Featuring a cast of power-women from around the world (including hip-hop dancers Larsen Thompson and Taylor Hatala), the video aims to tell world leaders what women and girls really want (and need!) as part of The Global Goals movement. Use the hashtag #WhatIReallyReallyWant to make your voice heard.



The world is still in mourning after the horrific shooting in Orlando last month. A new video from DanceOn, set to the X Ambassadors’ haunting “Unsteady” and choreographed by So You Think You Can Dance regular Tyce Diorio, honors the 49 victims. Through off-balance partnering, moments of intimate stillness and reckless dives and drops, the duet captures the process of finding human connection during great suffering, and speaks to the power of dance in these difficult times. #LoveisLoveisLoveisLove


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