6 Things Dancers Can Always Be Grateful For

November 23, 2016

As you gather around the table with friends and family for today’s Thanksgiving meal (or maybe you’re at the theater prepping for a Nutcracker performance), it’s tradition to take stock of what you’re thankful for. Don’t forget about these dancer-specific kernels of gratitude. It’s the little things like these that we often take for granted.

1. When your rehearsal director says “Take five” or gives everyone a water break.

Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre principal Julia Erickson in the studio. Photo by Aimee DiAndrea, Courtesy PBT.

2. Better yet, when you’re physically drained and you hear these sweet words: “Let’s just mark it this time.”

Hannah Bettes rehearses at Boston Ballet. Photo by Liza Voll.

3. The feeling when you nail your fouettés, pirouettes or any tricky move. Two words: Crushed. It.

Tyler Hanes as Rum Tum Tugger in CATS. Photo by Matthew Murphy, Courtesy CATS.

4. The personal satisfaction of a nearly perfect performance—and soaking up the applause of a loud curtain call.

Former American Ballet Theatre star Paloma Herrera. Photo by Rosalie O’Connor, Courtesy ABT.

5.  Indulging in a massage after you finish a production.


6. Having dance friends around who will always cry or laugh with you, because they just get it.

From left: Ailey dancers Collin Heyward, Belen Pereyra, Jacqueline Green, Jamar Roberts and Yannick Lebrun. Photo by Jayme Thornton.


Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Dance Magazine.

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