7 Times the Obamas Showed They're Major Dance Lovers

January 19, 2017

President and First Lady Obama are leaving the White House today, having made history in many ways. But we’ll remember them most for being the danciest presidential couple ever. As we say goodbye, we’re looking back on some of their best dance moments.

When they tried to do the “Thriller” dance on Halloween. (Okay, so they didn’t really know it—that enthusiasm, though!)

When the President sat down for a lengthy, heartfelt interview with Misty Copeland.

When Michelle Obama danced with Ellen and some “So You Think You Can Dance” all-stars for her “Let’s Move!” campaign.

When they brought Hamilton to the White House—before it was cool. (And after it was cool.)

When the First Lady showed off her “mom dance” moves on Jimmy Fallon—twice.

When Obama honored choreographers like Ralph Lemon, Bill T. Jones and Alvin Ailey.

When the pair broke it down with a very groovy 106-year-old.

Thanks for valuing the performing arts—and for showing that the President can bust a move, too. We’ll miss you.