What Wendy's Watching: 20 Fall for Dance Companies in Two Minutes

September 28, 2017

Every year the Fall for Dance festival presents such a rich array of dance at New York City Center that some people come from across the country just to see it. I try to see all five programs, because there is always something I’ve never seen before and also something I’m keen to see again. In this #WWW, I try to cram all 20 companies into two minutes. It went by so fast I didn’t get a chance to say much about Michelle Dorrance and Kyle Abraham, both of whom are commissioned. So click here for my Choreography in Focus with Michelle, and click on our cover story on Kyle’s last amazing work.

This year the festival runs Oct. 2-14. For tickets, which are only $15 a pop (don’t blame me if it’s already sold out), click here.