A New Anthology for Your Libraries

November 12, 2013

Hot off the presses! Wendy Perron’s latest book, Through the Eyes of a Dancer, is now available. A compilation of more than 70 of Perron’s essays, articles, blogs and reviews, the anthology spans four decades of dance history, touching on others’ works as well as her own artistic process as a choreographer. Equal parts memoir, op-ed and critique, Through the Eyes of a Dancer is a fascinating read for those interested in dance and journalism.


A strip of photos by Lois Greenfield of Perron’s work
Standard Deviation (1984), with Perron,
MJ Becker and Lisa Bush


Even if you’re familiar with Perron’s work for publications including Dance Magazine, The New York Times and The Village Voice, you’ll find something new to uncover: Perron frames each section with a personal account, presenting a previously untold perspective. Of course, many of the selections are compelling no matter how many times you’ve read them, and some of my personal faves made it in: her essay in Vanity Fair about her relationship with J.D. Salinger; her DM blog expressing outrage over the Black Swan Sarah Lane cover-up; her NY Times piece on editing (or the lack of editing) in choreography.


Performing her own work,
The Daily Mirror, in Trisha Brown’s loft in 1976.
Photo by Babette Mangolte, Courtesy Perron.


Through the Eyes of a Dancer
is published by Wesleyan University Press; use the code W301 to receive a 30 percent discount when you purchase the book on Wesleyan’s website. The book is also available through Amazon and on Kindle devices.


Want more Wendy? Be sure to check out Perron’s weekly blog on dancemagazine.com.