An Informal List of our Favorite Dance Movie Moments

April 9, 2012

You can’t work at Dance Magazine (or our sister publications) and not live for movies with dance scenes! I asked some of my cohorts what their favorite film moments were– just for fun. Of course, we all liked some of the same scenes! We discovered we all love Annie! One of us (name withheld) would dream Ann Reinking was her mom! It occurred to us that we should share our little list with you. It’s hardly exhaustive; we absolutely could name hundreds more! — Khara Hanlon

Khara Hanlon – Associate Editor, Dance Magazine & Pointe

The final dance from Dirty Dancing

“I can’t think of anything I love more than this scene in Dirty Dancing, with the possible exception of the street scene from Singing in the Rain.”

Jenny Dalzell – Assistant Editor, Dance Teacher

“Everything Old is New Again” from All That Jazz

“Hands down, best dance scene from a movie!”

Kina Poon – Associate Editor, Dance Magazine

“We Got Annie” from Annie

“I LOVE Annie.”

Siobhan Burke – Associate Editor, Dance Magazine

The audition scene from Girls Just Want to Have Fun

“It makes me want to dance!”

Margaret Fuhrer – Associate Editor, Dance Spirit and Pointe

“America” from West Side Story

“I actually like the movie version better than the stage version.”

Michael Anne Bailey – Assistant Editor, Dance Spirit

“I think I’m gonna like it here” from Annie

“I used to watch it over and over and over.”

Alison Feller – Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Dance Spirit

Boogie Wonderland from Happy Feet

“Freaking phenomenal!”

Rachel Zar -Managing Editor, Dance Spirit

“All I care about is love” from Chicago

“Where they make the car…It’s sick!”





And, last but not least, from Dance Magazine’s Editor-in-Chief, Wendy Perron:

I Need Now Is the Girl, from Gypsy (1962), with Natalie Wood