Auditions Gone Social

March 27, 2013

At 5’2”, I will never be a Radio City Rockette. If only my legs would sprout an additional four inches—gams only, my torso is long enough—I could don a shimmering skirted leotard and bright red lipstick and perform in Linda Haberman’s dazzling “Let Christmas Shine” during the Radio City Christmas Spectacular. Thanks, genetics.


But even if I were the ideal 5’6″ to 5’10”, I’d still have to wait in line for hours to audition. At least I’d have company at the open call in April—hundreds of gorgeous women vying for a few spots. Yet there is one hope for height-blessed Rockette aspirants: the Facebook contest Jump the Line. Chosen by popular vote, one winner will receive a trip to New York City and the chance to audition at a time of her choice (during the open call) and with whichever group she wants. Basically, no lines for the initial round.*


To enter the contest, submit a video on the Rockettes Jump the Line Facebook page through April 3. (There are very strict guidelines to follow.) A Rockettes choreographer will choose 10 finalists from the videos, and the public will vote for their favorite April 8–21. Even the nine runners up receive sweet swag. Click here for details.  —Jenny Dalzell


*If called back, the dancer will be treated as a regular candidate through the rest of the rigorous process.


Picture at top courtesy MSG Entertainment.