Breaking Pointe Premieres Tonight

May 30, 2012

We’re going to know Ballet West a whole lot better in the coming weeks with Breaking Pointe, a new TV series that premieres tonight at 8PM on The CW. The show will focus on seven dancers throughout BW’s ranks: principal Christiana Bennett, soloist Ronnie Underwood, demi-soloists Allison DeBona and Rex Tilton, artist Beckanne Sisk, and BW II members Kathleen Martin and Ronald Tilton (Rex’s younger brother). In unsurprising casting choices, given the tween network, there are two couples in the group, and—also unsurprising, but disappointing—all of the men are being promoted as uber-straight. That the show will serve up drama is a given, but we’re hoping for some fabulous dancing footage as well. More info is available at BW’s blog here.


We hear the first episode hinges on the very delicate situation of contracts. Let’s hope the artists involved are treated with respect. —Kina Poon