Breaking Pointe Superlatives, Ep.206

August 26, 2013

rehearsals continue this week on Breaking Pointe. Ballet West, as a whole, seems stressed, and emotions are running high. Most of the episodes so far have been the dancers taking corrections from artistic director Adam Sklute or Cinderella coach Wendy Ellis Somes. But in the most surprising—and welcome—twist (first superlative) this week, Beckanne Sisk assumes the role of teacher. 


Beckanne, still feeling like her progress has hit a plateau, travels to Philly (what’s up, Ben Franklin?) to visit her former teachers Bo and Stephanie Spassoff, directors of The Rock School. She brings Katie Martin (loving the Katie episodes!) along for the ride, and the two take class at The Rock and sit in on some rehearsals. (Perhaps rehearsals for YAGP?) Bo—in stellar mentor fashion—knows what will get Beckanne going again, and asks her to help coach some of the dancers. It is probably the cutest moment we’ve seen of Beckanne this season—helping one girl with floppy wrists and another to stay square during her pirouette—and she leaves inspired and more confident in her own achievements. (Plus, we can actually see the dancers’ full bodies. They have legs! Who would have guessed?!)


Most hasty comment:
The sixth episode is titled “Nowhere Near Ready,” which alludes to Adam’s pessimistic view of his company’s (un)preparedness to perform Ashton’s Cinderella in February 2013 a few weeks. Loosen your scarf, Adam, they’re not even in tech, yet!


Most tense:
Chris Ruud’s jaw while he’s in relevé at the barre during company class. Easy, buddy, easy. TMJ can be painful!


Best throwback outfit:
Allison’s tights sweater.


Biggest star of the episode:
Rex’s foot injury. Until…

Most worrisome on-air emergency:
Christiana’s possible ankle sprain. (Get well soon, Christiana!) During rehearsal, Christiana said that she landed a jump, then felt her ankle roll. She’s not exactly sure if it’s a sprain, but she is worried that it will prevent her from performing Cinderella, which she says may be her last chance for the role since she’s not exactly in the spring of her career.


Best on-air advice:
Allison’s insistence that Christiana elevates her ankle. Yes! Remember everyone: RICE! Rest, ice, compress, elevate.


Biggest rebel:
Katie Martin wearing shorts—not tights—in class at The Rock. Those ballet dancers from Idaho…badass.


Biggest rock:
[Allison’s best friend] Gloria’s ring. Wowza. Allison, listen to her when she asks why Dr. Detroit couldn’t come to you. Again, did you see that ring? She knows.


Prettiest leotard: 

It’s a tie between two of Beckanne’s. The first (above), from early in the episode, a light brown suit with lacey sage green mesh 3/4 sleeves. (With a mesh back, too!)

And the second (right), the purple cowl-neck tank she rocks during class in Philly. 


Biggest understatement:
During a photo shoot with BW soloist slash photographer Beau Pearson, newly appointed BW corps member Zach Prentice says, “It’s fun to feel like the center of attention…to have the cameras all on you.” You don’t say.


Coolest possession:
Joshua Whitehead’s old-timey popcorn machine, in the corner of the rec room where he and Rex shoot pool to relax and gossip about Allison.


Silliest camera moment:
The intimate conversation between Allison and Rex that we can hear and read in subtitles, but not see. Instead, we get to watch Ballet West’s stage door.


They are so getting back together.



Up Next:
A bad fall and a dropped wig. “This ballet is cursed!” (Perhaps the biggest backstage overstatement.)