Choreographic Opportunities in Chicago

August 28, 2013

What do choreographers Ma Cong, Jeremy McQueen, and William B. McClellan, Jr. have in common with one another? For one thing, they were all 2013 recipients of the Joffrey’s Choreographers of Color Award. An annual competition sponsored by the Joffrey Academy of Dance in Chicago, the winners receive a $2,500 stipend and set work on the Joffrey Academy Trainees. If this opportunity sounds appealing, apply now—the deadline for 2014 submissions is September 2. You’ll need to send in a 5-minute DVD of your previous work with a written description, a letter of intent, your resumé, headshot, and a completed general application, which you can find on their website. (Visit for details.)


Did you know that Dance Magazine keeps a running list of choreographic opportunities nationwide? Visit our “Choreography Knocks” page to look up awards, fellowships, festivals, and workshops. Visit the organizations’ websites for details and submission information.