Christopher Wheeldon's Reddit Takeover (It's Today!)

July 13, 2016

Who here loves Christopher Wheeldon? I probably don’t even need to wait a second for everyone to raise their hands. But let me count just a few of the reasons why he’s adored by ballet and Broadway fans alike:

  1. His choreographic and directorial prowess in the Tony-winning Broadway hit An American in Paris
  2. His phenomenal ballet chops on display across the pond as The Royal Ballet’s artistic associate—imagine what it would be like to be a fly on the wall in the studios where he’s created many of his pieces.
  3. How accessible his work is throughout the U.S. Top companies like New York City Ballet, San Francisco Ballet and Boston Ballet are just a few troupes with his choreography in their repertoire.
  4. How he uses dancer as muse in minimalist works like the poignant After the Rain pas de deux (Wendy Whelan. Pure perfection.)
  5. How he weaves dance and narrative to create story ballets like his fantastical Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the dramatic Winter’s Tale
  6. And perhaps above all, his sweeping sense of musicality that draws you in and keeps you captivated

Photo by Matt Trent, Courtesy An American in Paris.

His contributions to dance are so dizzying that it makes us wonder, how does he do it all? What inspires him? How does he transform an initial idea into a polished production?

Lucky for us, today at 12 pm EST on you’ll have the chance to ask him those questions. Wheeldon will be featured on the popular website as part of it’s “Ask Me Anything” series of threads, which has included celebrities as varied as R.L. Stine, Morgan Freeman and Ron Paul. Starting at noon, Wheeldon will be on hand to answer user-submitted questions, and we’re dying to see his responses. The thread will be available for view afterwards, but you may want to start brainstorming your questions now. Ballet fans, you can now commence geeking out about peaking into the mind of one of dance’s modern masters.


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