Will My Hip Pain Last Forever?

June 4, 2018

My hips have hurt for the past year. At first, the physical therapist told me it had to do with gripping my turnout. Later, the doctor said I’d torn the labrum in both hips. Rehab now focuses on turning in to heal my labra naturally and controlling my hypermobility to keep from gripping or letting my thigh bone slip partially out of the socket. It’s helped a lot, but my right hip still hurts. Is this pain my destiny?

—Caitlyn, Cincinnati, OH

While not all torn labra are painful, rehab can only do so much if there’s a large tear of the cartilage on the rim of the hip socket. Over time, you may be left with bone rubbing on bone, which could damage the joint. Your doctor may recommend that you get an MRI with a hip coil to learn more. Sometimes an arthroscopic hip specialist can either repair the labrum or remove the tear. This procedure can also provide information about the actual condition of your hip, giving you a better idea of your prognosis. There’s always the chance that a torn labrum can lead to arthritis or a hip replacement, so it’s crucial to deal with it now rather than ignoring the pain.

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