city.ballet.: The Insider's Peek

November 18, 2013

The short city.ballet. episodes may not have many extended dancing scenes, but they are unparalleled when it comes to showing the small details that make up a New York City Ballet dancer’s life. For example, in the third episode on the challenges of dancing in the corps de ballet, we get to see inside the Manhattan apartments of both Silas Farley and Harrison Ball. I particularly love Harrison’s figure paintings and his antique dance posters, as well as Silas’s incredible collection of dance books and the white staircase up to his loft bed—and how he barely fits through his apartment door.


Some of the most fun parts of the series have come in its behind-the-scenes extras. Today, city.ballet. just posted a series of interviews with the dancers about their eating habits and favorite foods. Spoiler alert: We hear everything from escargot (Sara Mearns) to artichokes (Jenifer Ringer), “killer margaritas” (Teresa Reichlen) and “grease and salt” (Gretchen Smith).