Cloud and Victory's Instagram Is Seriously Getting Us Through This Week

November 10, 2016

This week was often a contentious time to be on social media. Thankfully, Cloud and Victory’s Instagram exists. The Singapore-based dancewear line edits photos and videos of classical ballet works with their own captions, and the results are hilarious.

First of all, there’s the pizza series, inspired by their popular “Will Plié For Pizza” shirt. Trying to extend the line of your port de bras? Think about #reachingforpizza. We’re pretty sure you’ll see results.

Then there’s this series of clips from famous ballet scenes, dubbed with what those characters are really thinking. These will have you cackling—but also appreciating the always spot-on Royal Ballet and Mariinsky dancers featured. Maybe Cloud and Victory’s reinterpretation of these scenes will even give you inspiration for those character parts you just can’t seem to get in to.

And when the week starts to feel never-ending, Cloud and Victory always feels our pain.

Congrats, everyone. We made it to Friday.