Dance Magazine Just Got Bigger

March 3, 2014

If you’ve gotten your copy of Dance Magazine‘s March issue, you might have noticed that something feels a bit…different. Nope, it’s not just in your head—our pages have gotten wider.


Everyone from Nashville Ballet director Paul Vasterling to a dance store owner in Bozeman, Montana has been asking me why. Well, the new look lets us create an even better magazine. In a world where anyone can get status updates from their favorite dance stars on Twitter, we want to fully use the magic of print pages to show you that star in all her glory. We have more space to tell our stories visually with our unparallelled original photography, and more opportunities for our writers cover the dance field in depth. Along with the new size, you’ll also find more insider advice from directors and choreographers on how to navigate your career, more health tips on how to get into peak performance shape and more insight into the creative process. Ultimately, this update means that with each issue, you get that much more Dance Magazine.