Eiko & Koma Ride (Slowly) Into MoMA

January 8, 2013

Since it seems that modern dance in museums is now a ubiquitous offering, this Time Out New York interview by Gia Kourlas with two of its original purveyors, Eiko & Koma, is a timely—and fascinating—read. The pair, masters of luxuriating in wonderously slow movement, will be performing a new version of their Caravan Project (mentioned briefly in our 2006 feature by Deborah Jowitt) at NYC’s Museum of Modern Art, as part of the “Tokyo 1955–1970: A New Avant-Garde” exhibit, running Jan. 16–21, and “Performing Histories: Live Artworks Examining the Past.” A gem, from Eiko: “I really like dance in the museum. Sometimes we have a hard time because people are very noisy and on top of us, but I think it’s good training to grapple with this. Who are we? What are we? What are we doing here?”