Finally, A Premiere Date for "Flesh and Bone"

April 12, 2015

It feels like forever ago when we found out that a new ballet thriller was coming to TV. And that’s because it kind of was: In early 2013, word got out that Starz was developing a series called “Flesh and Bone.” Later that year, we were told it would star Sarah Hay, Irina Dvorovenko, Sascha Radetsky and other notable dancers, with choreography by Ethan Stiefel. Now, the network has announced a premiere date of November 8.

“Flesh and Bone” is about a troubled young dancer, Claire (Hay), who moves to New York City to join a prestigious ballet company. She’s ambitious, but also self-destructive, and has to deal with the pressures of ballet, including a volatile artistic director. (Echoes of Black Swan, anyone?)

Unfortunately, “Flesh and Bone” has been reshaped into a limited series—not a full-fledged TV program as originally promised. There will be eight hour-long episodes. Still, there’s much to look forward to, like real dancers playing dancers and Stiefel’s 13-minute original ballet for the production.