Fosse from the Vault

October 10, 2013

Today’s Friday archival image is straight from our “From the Vault” column—the almost-hidden gem within the back pages of Dance Magazine. Each issue we dig through our archives—which date back to 1927—and share some of the best moments in dance from that month. This month, we highlighted a review of Damn Yankees from the October 1958 issue.


Of course, the great Bob Fosse choreographed Damn Yankees, and in the film version, he even dances alongside Gwen Verdon in the wacky show-within-a-show mambo “Who’s Got the Pain.” For all the amazing musical numbers Fosse created, however, he did not codify a technique to train future dancers. That being said, learning the ins and outs of his style can serve as a crucial underpinning for dancers of all disciplines. Take a look at Lauren Kay’s recent story, “Not the ‘Old’ Razzle-Dazzle” to see what makes training in Fosse’s style so invaluable.