“Call to the Stone,” Performed by Asher Bowen-Saunders and Che Pritchard

March 3, 2023

Created and performed by Australian environmentalists Asher Bowen-Saunders and Che Pritchard, “Call to the Stone” highlights the beauty of Earth and how the expansion of civilization has disrupted our ability to connect to the planet. Using a flowing, circular movement vocabulary, Bowen-Saunders reverently explores natural landscapes before she transitions into increasingly sharp, angular choreography in more urban places, depicting the destruction human consumption has caused on the Earth. “I wish to see a culture of conservation and care for things greater than ourselves become the norm,” says Asher Bowen-Saunders, who founded The Waste Free Way to help guide others toward a sustainable lifestyle. “Call to the Stone” was filmed and directed by cinematographer Jesse Bowen-Saunders across Barunggam, Yuggera, Dainggatti, Biripi, Waka Waka, and Bundjalung countries in remembrance of these lands’ original custodians.