“i, Butterfly” Follows a Dancer’s Search for Her Identity

March 25, 2021

“Butterflies go through a metamorphosis in their life, and I feel like I definitely have gone through one in mine,” British dancer Sharifa Butterfly, formerly Sharifa Tonkmor, says in the film “i, Butterfly.” The film follows her on a journey searching for her identity, and ultimately, finding a family in the Rain Crew, a group of break dancers in East London.

The film is produced by Ilan Lampl, filmed by Ethan Lewis and features the Rain Crew dancers: Clint Sinclar, Duane “Artful-D”, Rudy T, Kofi Mingo, Tom Rownlands-Rees, Tristan “Tiny Terra”, R.Singhb, Hakim Saber and Maren Ellerman.