Go Inside a Dance Class for the Blind at The Royal Ballet

January 11, 2017

Increased confidence. Better range of motion. Improved balance. A sense of freedom. Most dancers, including those who are blind or partially sighted, would say that ballet training teaches all of these.

Though dance is a highly visual art form, there’s no denying the kinesthetic reward of moving the body. That’s exactly why these students attend the Monday Moves classes, designed especially for people with visual impairment, in London. The participants range from young adults to senior citizens and have varying degrees of sight, but they all agree on the positive effects of the class. Sessions include a mix of barre and center work, as well as some weight-sharing and partnering exercises.

And this isn’t just a feel-good community class. These students are truly dancing on hallowed ground: Classes take place at a rehearsal studio that’s also used by The Royal Ballet. (Sounds like a bucket list item for any ballet dancer, if you ask me.) And they’re taught by former company soloist David Pickering.

You can be a fly on the wall at Monday Moves with this video from The LAD Bible’s Facebook page. Dance truly is a universal language.