Happy Birthday, Mr. B!

January 21, 2016

Happy birthday to George Balanchine! If the master choreographer and founder of New York City Ballet were still alive, today would mark his 112th birthday. But just because Mr. B passed away in 1983 doesn’t mean we won’t be celebrating. His home company will be honoring him with two all-Balanchine bills on Saturday. For those of us who will be inside hiding from the snow all weekend, here are some of my favorite photos and videos of the birthday boy and his work:


is iconic Balanchine. Here’s Ashley Bouder on why she loves dancing the first ballet he made in America.



Balanchine with one of his muses, Suzanne Farrell. Photo by Martha Swope.


It doesn’t get better than Gelsey Kirkland and Mikhail Baryshnikov in Theme & Variations. Kirkland’s hyper-speed petite allegro at 3:00 is mind-blowing.



Balanchine gets down with Farrell and Arthur Mitchell in 1968. Photo by Martha Swope.


is a great is example of how Balanchine was ahead of his time. Here’s Allegra Kent and Mitchell performing the famous duet.


And last but not least, this photo of Balanchine and his beloved cat, Mourka, taken by Martha Swope, will always be my favorite.