January 7, 2015

Having a rough time getting back into a creative groove post-holidaze? Good news: January is National Choreography Month, aka NACHMO, aka “your choreographic kick in the pants.” This seven-year-old tradition challenges dancemakers to set aside all hesitations, excuses and even day jobs to create a brand new work during the month of January—start to finish in 31 days. There are local events everywhere from New York City to San Francisco to meet other choreographers, participate in improv jams and get feedback on works in process. Daily emailed tasks help spur ideas (anyone can check them out by following @NACHMOdance on Twitter) and a shared blog lets choreographers tell each other about opportunities and—sometimes just as crucial when you’ve hit that creative wall—offer emotional support. In addition to a new piece, participants can gain a ton of new networking connections.


The results of January’s sweat and sautés appear in February with a lineup of studio showings and curated theater shows. There’s still time to sign up for some of them if you want to take part! Check out nachmo.org for more details. 


New York

Studio showings: Gina Gibney, Febraury 4-7

Theater performance: Actors Fund Center, February 27 and 28

Site-specific: Aviv Brooklyn, February 21



Theater performance: Green Street Studios, February 6 and 7


Michican, Ohio, San Francisco, DC

Contact [email protected] for info



Dance on film works: the NACHMO 2015 video channel on Vimeo