How to Heal

October 10, 2012

Coping with injury is practically part of a dancer’s job description. At some point, just about everyone has to deal with a fracture, sprain, twist, or tear, which is to say nothing of those daily aches and pains that crop up, sometimes fading away with a good night’s sleep, sometimes mysteriously persisting. When injury comes along, what can you do to recover quickly and effectively? How can you prevent future problems or put an end to recurring ones? The annual Healing the Dancer Seminar, presented by the Dancers’ Resource of the Actors Fund, is a good place to get answers to these questions and learn about wellness resources for dancers in New York. This year’s event, on Oct. 23 at the Actors Fund Arts Center in Brooklyn, features keynote speaker Mark Dendy, a multifaceted choreographer whose credits range from experimental dance-theater to Broadway. He’ll present part of his new work, Labyrinth, which explores his journey through medical and personal challenges. There will also be a panel discusson with staff members from the Harkness Center for Dance Injuries, whose expertise should be helpful whether you’re healthy—and want to stay that way—or in the process of recovery. More details here.