DM Editors Look Back on 2014

December 21, 2014

Here at Dance Magazine, we’re always living in the future. Our staff is already busy putting together stellar issues for 2015. But with this year coming to a close, it’s a good time for us to reflect on all that has happened in dance. Here are our editors’ picks for our favorite stories from the year. Cheers, 2014!


Jennifer Stahl

Editor in Chief

So hard to choose! Maria Kochetkova’s cover comes to mind first. Those leggings! And glasses! And buns! And feet! She showed up at our photographer’s studio exhausted, between performances of Christopher Wheeldon’s Cinderella here in New York. We tried a bit of choreography in costume on a traditional seamless background. She wasn’t really feeling it. Then we told her to put on her own clothes. Out came some of the most fun, kooky array of outfits I’ve ever seen as she exited the dressing room, climbed up onto the window sill and started having a blast. I later found out she was still wearing those double buns that night at a fancy dinner party.




Madeline Schrock

Managing Editor

“A Creative Whirlwind”
from DM’s November 2014 issue was quite fun read. The Q&A between writer Zachary Whittenburg and choreographer Ryan Heffington gave readers a chance to get to know the “luxuriantly mustachioed” Heffington, who gained major name recognition this year when he choreographed Sia’s “Chandelier” music video. But the reason I really loved the story is that it was infused with Heffington’s larger-than-life personality. We got to hear his own whimsical musings on dance (“When I’m in deep, nothing else exists…”) and the kinds of projects he’s attracted to (“I love, love collaborating…” and “I say yes when I get sent a treatment that makes my mind race.”).



Kristin Schwab

Associate Editor

If we’re talking about breathtaking covers, I have to go with Olga Smirnova. She is captivating. It was great to read about a new face of the Bolshoi—especially amid all the scandal that was happening there. Even better was seeing her in person when she guested with American Ballet Theatre and came on tour with the Bolshoi this year. She has an understated elegance in a company of dramatic dancers, not to mention pristine technique.



Meggie Hermanson

Assistant Editor

Growing up, I loved watching musical movies, especially anything with Gene Kelly or Vera-Ellen. On The Town was a particular favorite, with its old-school Broadway charm, happy dancing, fun music and romantic portrayal of New York City. I loved our On The Town cover and story, because it maintained the integrity of the film so perfectly but brought a modern quality to it that I think has helped keep the musical relevant.


Suzannah Friscia

Assistant Editor

My favorite 2014 feature is the October cover story about On the Town. It’s been one of my favorite musicals since I was a kid, and I loved reading about the team that brought the new revival to life. I’m also always a fan of ballet-Broadway connections, and New York City Ballet principal Megan Fairchild made her Broadway debut in the show.



Photos credits from top: Nathan Sayers,
Courtesy Ryan Heffington, Nathan Sayers (2)