Five Ideas for Getting Your Studio Style Ready for Sweater Weather

September 22, 2016

Yesterday was the first day of autumn, and we are super psyched for the advent of sweater weather—and pulling out our favorite warm-ups. In the studio, the start of chillier weather means legwarmers, cardigans and anything else you can think to layer for maximal warmth. Between New York Fashion Week earlier this month and New York City Ballet’s annual Fall Fashion Gala at the beginning of this week, we were inspired to dig through our Get the Look column for ideas from the pros on how to transition your dancewear for the fall season.

Bolshoi Ballet leading soloist Kristina Kretova pairs warm, patterned pants with a lacy turtleneck for an elegant but playful look. The ballet skirt added on top lends an extra sense of whimsy. Get the look here.


Nothing beats a fuzzy sweater. Sarah Haarmann at Pam Tanowitz Dance counters the looser fit of hers with well-fitted but equally bright leggings. Get the look here.


During Miami City Ballet’s company class, Leigh-Ann Esty layers with warm-up staples: long legwarmers and ripstop shorts. Her lightweight sweater is draped casually over her shoulders, adding an eye-catching pop of color. Get the look here.


Dancers have been doing the athleisure trend for ages, and Ballet Hispanico’s Melissa Fernandez has it down to an art. A zip-up jacket, structured dance pants and warm socks add up to an outfit that is simple, trendy and easy to replicate. Get the look here.


Hannah Carter plays with textures within a neutral color palette. A breathable white shirt goes under a sleek black romper; gray stirrup legwarmers only enhance the Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre soloist’s line. Get the look here.


All images by Quinn Wharton.

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