Juilliard To Open Career Services Center

January 25, 2015

It’s too easy to forget. But when you boil it down, dance is a business.

This concept though, is one that is so often glazed over in university training. It’s one of the biggest complaints among young artists I talk to today: Why haven’t we been taught fundamental business skills like marketing, management and networking?

The Juilliard School now has a plan to address that problem. Last week, the conservatory announced that it is creating the Alan D. Marks Center for Career Services and Entrepreneurship to help students transition into professional life. Juilliard board of trustees member Michael E. Marks has given $5 million to start the center, which will build business skills courses into Juilliard’s curriculum. The center will be in honor of Marks’ brother, a pianist and Juilliard alumni, who died in 1995.

Yes, you dance because you love it—need it. But to make your product its strongest, you have to know more than dance as a practice. Artists have a naturally entrepreneurial spirit. They shouldn’t be ashamed to think of themselves as business people, too.