Let's Give It Up for Dances In Suits

April 5, 2015

There’s nothing better than a man in a good suit—except for an exquisite male dancer in a good suit.

This weekend, The New York Times did a piece on the evolving menswear standard and how its shapes, fabrics and colors have changed. But let’s get right to the part about why we care: There’s a dance-video to go with it. New York City Ballet soloist Zachary Catazaro and corps de ballet member Joshua Thew give us a cool visual as to how these fashion pieces have become less rigid. In quick-cut video clips, they swivel, jive and battle with ease. (To be honest, the music, dancing and visual starkness made me immediately think of this recent rag & bone ad starring Mikhail Baryshnikov and Lil Buck.)

But let’s not forget that dancing in suits isn’t a completely new idea. There are plenty of fantastic works in which formal wear is a hallmark…

Like Paul Taylor’s jarring Banquet of Vultures.

(Michael Trusnovic in costume for Banquet of Vultures)

The bright red suits (with hats!) of Trey McIntyre’s wild Chasing Squirrel.

Ohad Naharin’s pounding, then zany, Minus 16, in which the ladies wear suits, too!

(Ailey in Minus 16)

The various stages of undress in Larry Keigwin’s relentless Runaway.

And then there’s Twyla Tharp’s subtly sexy Nine Sinatra Songs.

(PNB’s Carla Körbes and Jeffrey Stanton)

Cheers to the timeless menswear piece—and dance’s relationship with it! Check out the NY Times/NYCB style video below.



Photo credits from top: Jayme Thornton,
Peter Mueller,

Andrea Mohin, Matthew Murphy, Angela Sterling.