Let's Hear It for the Boys

January 22, 2013

Long before he was criss-crossing the globe as a member of American Ballet Theatre and the Bolshoi Ballet, David Hallberg was a student at the School of Ballet Arizona, where he began his formal training at age 13. Now, the Phoneix, AZ–based company has launched a new scholarship program for young male dancers in Hallberg’s honor. The world-famous performer has spoken publicly about his own youthful passion for ballet, encouraging young dancers to pursue their ambitions even when they come up against the kind of bullying that he endured as a kid. The David Hallberg Scholarship for Boys gives that encouragement more tangible form, covering the cost of tuition and supplies for male dancers 13 and up.  In a press statement, Hallberg said, “My personal journey to finding ballet was riddled with hardships, but once ballet found a place in my life . . . I couldn’t let go of its exhilarating pulse. I have made it my career to date, and to pass on the inspiration I felt when I was first discovering ballet is a completely invaluable experience.”  Dancers can apply for the scholarship beginning June 1, 2013 for the 2013–14 school year. More information will be available after June 1 by contacting The School of Ballet Arizona at (602) 381-0188.