Making It in the Concrete Jungle

July 10, 2013

“Because let’s face it: the world does not need another hungry artist.”
—Bill T. Jones, quoted in the web series Made Here. 


Made Here
is a weekly web series for emerging artists looking to make it in NYC. It is executive produced by HERE, produced by Tanya Selvaratam, and directed by Chiara Clemente. A typical episode is a series of interviews discussing healthcare, critics and finance, and other subjects. Quite a few familiar faces are included, such as Arthur Aviles, Elizabeth Streb, Charles Rice-Gonzalez, and Miguel Gutierrez. Discussing the burden of managing the Bronx Academy of Arts & Dance with Arthur Aviles, Charles Rice-Gonzalez notes, “One of the growing pains that we’re going through as founders: How do we let go of certain things? How do decisions get made? How do we keep the spirit that makes funders excited and makes us excited? And that’s scary.” 


Made Here
is a great way to get a crash course in what to expect in New York. Better yet, the passion these artists have is infectious and is a testament to the artistic community in the city that never sleeps. 


View episodes here: 


7/16/13: This article has been corrected to credit the creators of Made Here