A March Madness Bracket for Dancers

March 10, 2016

Every March, basketball fans prepare their brackets and hunch over their TVs to watch the NCAA college basketball tournament—known as March Madness. But what about those of us who would rather obsess over dance? Some creative dance lovers at Pacific Northwest Ballet asked the same question. They created Dance Madness, a bracket game to determine the best dance movie of all time.

Gene Kelly. Will Singin’ in the Rain take home the grand prize?

Here’s how it works: check the website for the next few days to vote on your favorites in the categories they’ve created. (Today’s are “Golden Age”—the classics, and “Millenium”—90s and 00s guilty pleasures). The top winners in each category will be eligible to enter the bracket. You can also add additional movie suggestions! Then, starting March 15th, bracket winners will be determined by your votes, counting down to a final showdown of the top four movies on April 1st.

She’s got canned heat in her heels, but will Center Stage make it to the top?

The first two categories are already full of winners—”Golden Age” features An American in Paris, On Your Toes, 42nd Street and Singin’ in the Rain, and “Millenium” has more recent gems like Step Up and Center Stage. So brush up on your favorite dance movies new and old, and prepare for a month of madness!

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