"Models" Take a Tumble at NYC Fashion Week

September 13, 2015

If there’s one thing that rings in fall in this city, it’s New York Fashion Week. And it does not announce itself quietly. Mostly, I ignored it. “Um, hey tourists waiting outside of fashion shows. Can you please step aside so I can get on the train and schlep home in my non-designer sneakers? Kthanks.”

But Opening Ceremony’s show was something I couldn’t just scroll past on my Instagram feed. Because not only did it have dancing—moves by Justin Peck and movers via New York City Ballet—but it was delightfully tongue in cheek.

It started off normal enough.

All about the #ivory last night at #openingceremony #ss16 ..those sunglasses tho ? #kyliejenner

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Sep 14, 2015 at 6:10am PDT


And then this happened.


Eek! The audience didn’t know what to do.


Suddenly they realized these were no ordinary models, but graceful NYCB dancers.


Note Laverne Cox and Kelly Osbourne’s approval.


New York Fashion Week, you’ve never looked so good.