Moonlight x Ailey is the Most Beautiful Video You'll See Today

February 19, 2017

It’s no secret that we really love NOWNESS. But it’s possible that they’ve just topped themselves. The most recent video in their Just Dance series, Moonlight x Ailey, was choreographed by Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater artistic director Robert Battle in homage to the feature film chronicling the life of a young black man growing up in Miami. In it, Ailey’s Jamar Roberts dances alongside two students from the Ailey School (Christopher Taylor and Jeremy T. Villas), evoking the way the same character is portrayed by three actors of different ages in the film. The haunting music is the result of a collaboration between Battle and Nicholas Britell, the composer behind the Oscar-nominated score of Moonlight (one of the eight awards the film is up for at the Academy Awards this weekend). And the results are gorgeous.

Taylor and Villas shadow Roberts throughout the video. There’s something really touching about seeing aspiring dancers alongside such an accomplished star—and it’s a nice reminder that even Roberts (who’s been with Ailey since 2002, was one of our “25 to Watch” and has since landed on DM‘s cover twice) was once a student, too.

Just watch the full video. You can thank us later.


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