This New Music Video Is Justin Peck Magic at Its Best

December 3, 2017

Question: What do you get when you combine a dreamy real-life dance couple, hundreds of balloons, a buzzy dance filmmaker and a quietly haunting song from indie rock band The National?

Answer: A music video that captures all our unfulfilled middle school dance dreams.

The National’s “Dark Side of the Gym” features Justin Peck and former Miami City Ballet principal Patricia Delgado (one of ballet’s most adorable couples) dancing in a gym full of multicolored balloons. (And yes, we just added “dance in a room full of balloons” to our bucket list, thanks.)

Peck both choreographed and directed the video, with former MCB dancer and filmmaker Ezra Hurwitz as producer and editor. It isn’t Peck’s first collaboration with The National: The band’s guitarist, Bryce Dessner, wrote the music for his The Most Incredible Thing and Murder Ballades.

The movement is what we’ve come to expect from a Justin Peck duet—unexpected twists and turns, counterintuitive partnering, elegantly complex footwork. (Extra points if you can spot a few moves from his recent The Times Are Racing at New York City Ballet!)

More balloon ballets, please.