New Dance (and Performance) Competition Series

December 16, 2013

Want to be on TV? Now, there’s a yet another opportunity for dancers to grab their 15 minutes: The producers of “The Biggest Loser” and “MasterChef” are launching a new performance competition show. It sounds like something along the lines of “America’s Got Talent,” but with a bit more emphasis on creativity and more polished performances (all competitors chosen will be set up with a mentor to fine-tune their acts before they get in front of the cameras). The producers are looking for top dancers and choreographers to come up with “innovative performances” that “tell stories in a unique way,” and “blur the lines between fantasy and reality.” As an example, they’ve offered this clip from a Pilobolus performance:



The prize for the winner? $100,000 cash. Not too shabby.


Find out audition info by emailing [email protected] with links to past performances and contact information, or calling 323-822-7358.