Notice: Dancers Need Food

November 25, 2014

As the country prepares to stuff its face tomorrow for America’s annual marathon of overeating, some people may mistakenly believe dancers have to miss out on this tradition. Not the case! Anyone who’s spent a day in a studio knows dancers love food—and hearty servings of it. Apparently dancers have long fought this misconception. Peeking through some old Dance Magazines this morning, I found this hilarious letter written by an anonymous group of dancers, published in our December 1959 issue:


A Plea to the Local Sponsoring Committee:

You, kind ladies and gentleman who sponsor road appearances of dancers, are Very Important People. Everyone in the dance world loves you and sincerely appreciates your toil on our behalf. You always do your best to give your visiting celebrities a warm greeting and to make their stay in your city a happy and memorable one. In fact, to make sure, you generally organize a delightful reception where the performers have a chance to get acquinted with the elite members of your audience.

We hate to criticize, but — WHERE’S THE FOOD?

There’s nothing more nerve-wraking and physically exhausting than dancing. Before the show it’s simply not possible for the dancers to indulge in anything but the lightest snack. A half hour after the final curtain they’re due at your reception. And what do they find? Little finger sandwiches and cookies and punch! After the party you see to it, with friendly efficiency, that they are taken back to their hotel. 

What you might never discover is that, once you have disappeared around the corner, your honored guests proceed to sneak out again in search of a steak house. But by then they can find nothing open but the lunch counter at the bus station. 

For your next reception-for-dancers, why not have one of your ladies prepare a beautiful big beef roast? Actually it’s a lot less trouble than those pesky cookies. 


Dancers felt so strongly about this issue that the letter was reprinted again two years later in December 1961 “by special request.”


Whether you have beef roast or turkey breast, we wish you a happy, healthy Thanksgiving!