NYC Loves Lauren Lovette

August 12, 2015


Photo via Untapped Cities

A 100-foot jeté cambré has taken over the corner of Franklin and Church Streets in New York City. When it first started going up earlier this month, locals saw pointe shoes and guessed it was a tribute to Misty Copeland (probably since she was the only ballet dancer they’d ever heard about).





Lauren Lovette helping paste the mural. Photo via JR’s Instagram

But the wheat-pasted mural actually features another newly appointed principal: Lauren Lovette of New York City Ballet. The piece is one of several recently added around the city by Parisian artist JR. This one is based on his 2014 ballet Les Bosquets starring Lovette and Lil Buck, which is now a short film. Lucky for us, the artwork is set to remain there “indefinitely,” according to the building’s owners.

From JR’s Instagram

We’d like to thank JR for bringing ballet to the streets (or, more precisely, the walls) of New York City. And for educating its residents that there are in fact other beautiful ballet dancers out there in addition to Misty Copeland.