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Petronio Retrieves Gems From the Past

Photo by Sarah Silver, Courtesy Stephen Petronio Company

NEW YORK CITY Stephen Petronio continues full steam ahead with his Bloodlines series, a tantalizing window into the rich past of postmodern dance. His season at The Joyce includes five short historical works: three by Judson Dance Theater co-founder Yvonne Rainer, an excerpt from Steve Paxton's Goldberg Variations (1986) and a solo choreographed by dance legend Anna Halprin. This last one, The Courtesan and the Crone, performed by Petronio himself, is done as a formal seduction in ritual mask and ceremonial robe to Baroque music. Halprin made it when she was 79—the "wrong" age to be seductive—and has given it to Petronio—who is the "wrong" gender to be seductive. Rainer's Chair Pillow (1969), on the other hand, is fun and informal, with dancers tossing pillows to pop music. A new piece by Petronio rounds out the bill. March 28–April 2.

Third Season of Bloodlines at The Joyce | March 28 - April 2, 2017 from Stephen Petronio Company on Vimeo.

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