Rexison is Back on Breaking Pointe: Ep.208 Recap

September 9, 2013

As they say, when one curtain closes, another one fails to open and must be lifted up by Prince Charming. So goes the plot line for Breaking Pointe episode 208 “It’s Time to Face the Music.” It’s Ballet West’s closing night of Cinderella, and per usual, the company is tense. Artistic director Adam Sklute is worried about pleasing donors, Beckanne Sisk is sad that boyfriend Chase O’Connell is planning to leave Ballet West in pursuit of another contract, and Rex Tilton’s promotion hangs on his final performance. And to top it all off, Allison DeBona gets stuck behind a faulty scrim just when her variation is about to start. But have no fear, Rex is here! He shimmies it up (by lifting the pumpkin carriage for the scrim to rise), Allison escapes, and her performance is saved! 


And thus answers our “Burning Question” from our July feature: Will Allison and Rex get back together? All signs point to yes! #Rexison is back y’all. “When Rex is on the side of the stage,” Allison says, “I just want to do well because he’s watching me.” Aww.


And just when you think the moment can’t get better, they show cute kids in cavalier outfits. And later Rex signs autographs for adoring 4-year-old fans. Double aww.


There were of course, a few eyebrow-raising moments on last night’s episode. First, it was pretty clear that some of the stage scenes were repeated from last week. It may be more affordable for the producers to only shoot one performance and use it over two episodes, but a note to BP editors if there is a Season 3: Please show different footage. We saw those exact three jetés (to the bench and broom) in Christiana’s opening variation last week, as well as her final act entrance with the cape. On the bright side, we did get to see the continuation of that entrance: Christiana’s death-defying, on pointe, no-peeking walk down the stairs—yikes. Like Chris Ruud said in ep. 203, “Man, this Ashton stuff is hard.”


Another poor footage splice: Either Adam had more costume changes than his dancers and he really did wear five outfits in one evening, or his sitting in the audience, curtain-clapping, post-show meeting with the moms, and the donor event all took place on different occasions.


Adam rocking his Jacob’s Pillow fleece for pre-show notes; turtleneck during the show; black tie for curtain calls, blue tie in the lobby; and a fancy suit for donors.
Note: Salmon stripes bring in the dough.


Anyone else think of Jonathan (Peter Gallagher) from Center Stage when Adam is about to announce Rex’s exciting promotion to first soloist? (You know, when Jonathan starts off his job offer to Eva with a stern reprimanding because of her switcheroo with Maureen…) Anyway, Adam calls Rex a pain in the ass, and then offers him a promotion. Eyes roll.


And finally, I’d like to leave everyone with a little advice: You may emulate Christiana’s fine dancing, but please don’t repeat her hand-held cell phone use while driving. Hands at 10 and 2, Cinderella. 10 and 2.


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