Ryan Heffington Choreographs Another Viral Sia Music Video

January 12, 2015

Sia, “Dance Moms” star Maddie Ziegler and choreographer Ryan Heffington have taken over the internet again. The singer/songwriter’s new music video, “Elastic Heart,” is a sort of unofficial sequel to her “Chandelier,” which had Ziegler dancing wildly in a leotard in an empty, dirty house. “Elastic Heart” though, throws actor Shia LaBeouf into the mix. In the video, he and Maddie, both in nude clothing, wrestle and play in a bird cage. It’s creepy, raw, animalistic and full of angst.

There has been an incredible amount of criticism since its release last week about whether it was appropriate to have the 12-year-old dancer and grown man star in the video together. (Though Sia has said on Twitter that LaBeouf and Ziegler are both playing versions of herself in a Sia vs. Sia battle.) Regardless, I’ll say one thing: Heffington was able to help Ziegler dig deeper this time around. In “Chandelier,” she holds back—too afraid to make a mess. This time, she really went for it, with a maturity that makes you almost forget you’re watching such a young talent.