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10 Minutes with Kyle Abraham

The dancemaker takes on Tupac, Biggie and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Photo by Steven Schreiber, courtesy Abraham. Kyle Abraham’s provocative modern choreography often deals with the difficult themes of racism and identity. This fall, he’s looking to further explore these ideas by collaborating with visual and musical artists. He recently spoke about his new piece, Absent […]

Kyle Abraham Choreographs for Rag & Bone

Kyle Abraham’s creative touch strikes again. This time, he’s entered the world of fashion, choreographing and dancing in a short film highlighting Rag & Bone’s fall/winter 2014 collection. Take a look at the video below, which was debuted online by T, The New York Times Style Magazine. During the two-minute video, Abraham and Indigo Ciochetti undulate, […]

Man of the Moment: Kyle Abraham

Choreographer Kyle Abraham’s works are freighted with heavy social questions, tackling issues like race, gender, isolation and community. But what might be most intriguing is his physical vocabulary. As both a choreographer and a performer himself, Abraham fuses the rippled posturing of hip hop with the curves and weight of modern dance. A stutter pulses […]

Quick Q&A: Kyle Abraham

From Ailey to Wendy Whelan, the commissions keep coming.     Kyle Abraham’s plate is more than full: His new work for Ailey opens Dec. 5, his latest piece for his company Abraham.In.Motion premiered Nov. 1, and he’s getting started on a duet for the 2013 Wendy Whelan Project. Meanwhile, he’s been going back to […]

Kyle Abraham at Joe's Pub: Explosive dancing in a tiny space

Wow, what a mover! From the first moment of seeing the light shimmer on his red-jacketed, subtly shaking shoulders, I was captivated. He danced to Otis Redding’s “These Arms of Mine,” and we saw Kyle’s arms twitch, curl, and shudder, wanting to hold and be held, but expressing all kinds of other nervous energy. Kyle […]

Kyle Abraham/Abraham.In.Motion

Kyle Abraham/ Abraham.In.Motion Danspace Project at St. Mark’s Church, NYC February 25–27, 2010 Reviewed by Eva Yaa Asantewaa Amber Lee Parker and Rachelle Rafailedes in The Radio Show. Photo by Renee Rosensteel, Courtesy Danspace Project.   At The Radio Show, the audience walks in and finds performers from Abraham.In.Motion already in motion. Like the black […]

Abraham.In.Motion: Passion, Purpose & a Quirky New Setup

It’s the end of a long rehearsal day for the dancers of Abraham.In.Motion. They’re reviewing phrases of a new work, Dearest Home. It’s a pretty typical rehearsal scene. Some dancers cluster around a laptop trying to piece together steps learned long ago. Others review choreography together, working to figure out who remembered which arms correctly. […]

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