Sneak Preview: Michelle Dorrance's Latest Work

September 6, 2017

Back in May at our photo shoot for Dance Magazine‘s 90th-anniversary issue, we fell in love with Michelle Dorrance all over again. We’ve known for years that she’s obviously gifted, but our jaws still dropped as she improvised on set, rattling off playful but rigorous strings of tap genius with the utmost ease. Now, she’s got us drooling once more.

Today, Dorrance Dance released a teaser video on its YouTube channel, unveiling the tap mastermind’s latest work, Myelination. Between the ridiculously fast rhythms, the time-warping floorwork and casual yet flawless group phrases, we’re hooked. It’s no wonder Dorrance made our list of The Most Influential People in Dance Today.

If you want to see the work in its entirety, mark your calendars now: Dorrance Dance premieres Myelination, the new, longer version of a 2015 piece by the same name, on October 2 and 3 at New York City Center’s Fall for Dance Festival. All tickets—they’re still just $15—go on sale this Sunday, September 10, at 11 am. And hurry, because they sell out every year just as quickly as Dorrance taps.