Spectacular Dancing in "Peter Pan Live!"

December 4, 2014

The stakes were high for NBC’s live broadcast of “Peter Pan Live!”, which premiered last night. After “The Sound of Music Live!” got dismal reviews last year, many feared “Peter Pan Live!” would be of the same caliber. Leading-lady (boy) Allison Williams, aware of the skeptical attitude many viewers had toward the production, remained positive and warned that hate-watching would be nearly impossible for this fun-filled, nostalgic classic.


The production is over, the reviews are in, and general consensus is…there were a lot of parts deserving of praise, particularly the dancing. Admittedly, there were a few questionable spots (that “sleeping” maid in the closet?), but
Williams’ Pan
had a lovely voice and exuberant energy, Christopher Walken brought an unusual but interesting spin on the classic villain Hook, and the Lost Boys (aka the entire cast of Newsies) totally stole the show in ensemble numbers like “I Won’t Grow Up” and one of my favorites,
“Wendy”. You can watch clips of the show and behind-the-scenes footage at: nbc.com.