Stand Up, Perform, and Enjoy the Show

August 15, 2012

Talk about breaking the fourth wall—In Noemie Lafrance’s Choreography for Audiences—Take One, the audience and performers are one and the same. Lafrance—whose brilliant works have been danced on Frank Gehry buildings and in empty swimming pools—has designed, in her words, a “choreographic/social experiment” for hundreds of participants. If you’re game, purchase a ticket for the September 15 performance at the Irondale Theater in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. You will receive your choreography (things like walking a specific number of steps and/or performing certain arm gestures) and other instructions electronically. Then, as Lafrance said to the Wall Street Journal, “You arrive and pretty much from then on, it’s a surprise for everybody.” The show will be captured on film, so you do have to sign a film and photography waver. Find out more about being a participant here. —Kina Poon