Studio Notes

February 1, 2013

Legends & Lore

The University of North Carolina—Asheville presents “The Enchanted Wanderers: The Unknown Pages of the History of Ballet,” an exhibition highlighting the lives of renowned 20th-century ballet dancers Dame Sonia Arova and Oleg Briansky. The collection of photographs, correspondence, costumes, journals, theatrical sketches, and documentary films comes to North Carolina by way of the Bakhrushin Central State Theatre Museum in Moscow, Russia, and the Russian Museum of Art in Jersey City, NJ. Open Feb. 16–26, it includes rare images of Mikhail Baryshnikov, George Balanchine, Felia Doubrovska, Serge Lifar, and other artists who collaborated and crossed paths with Briansky and Arova. See


Separate Ways

In December Ballet Nouveau Colorado announced the reorganization of its two branches—the professional company and the school—into separate entities, so as to better fulfill the mission and vision of each. The School of BNC, home to 400 students, remains in the suburb of Broomfield, CO, with a new name: the Colorado Conservatory of Dance. The faculty hopes to add more daytime classes over the next several years. The professional ensemble, now known as Wonderbound, will move into a facility in downtown Denver, aiming to gain more public visibility through this new, more centralized location. See