Supporting the Arts in Boston

April 15, 2013

“Let us read, and let us dance; these two amusements will never do any harm to the world.” —Voltaire


Yesterday was a traumatic one for Boston, and the rest of the nation. Dance Magazine is based in NYC but several of our staffers are either from Boston or attended college there. Today when we were trying to think of a way to respectfully show our combined heartbreak for Beantown, we thought of how the arts can help soothe the spirit in times of trouble. So, if you have a moment this weekend and you are in or around Boston, here are a few dance performances to consider attending. The dancers could use your support and you might find some solace in the movement.  


Upcoming shows in Boston:



Kate Weare Company
at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Friday 4/19 and Saturday 4/20, (See our Choreography in Focus with her to learn about her work:


Visions 2013
, the Boston University Dance Theater spring dance showcase, Friday 4/19, (617) 353-2748


Boston Ballet
will perform Wayne McGregor’s Chroma, and Balanchine’s Serenade and Symphony in C starting Thursday 5/2. Tickets: