a group of students performing a chin stand with legs extended straight up on black mats

How to Thoughtfully Incorporate Acrobatics Into Competition Routines

Many of today’s versatile competitive dancers can highlight a choreographic phrase with a thrilling tumbling pass, kip-up, or aerial. But when it comes to acrobatics in competition routines, there’s a fine line between a captivating performance and a highlight reel of tricks. Finding the sweet spot between demonstrating a dancer’s skill and entertaining an audience—and the judges—is key.

This Acrodance Couple Redefines #PartneringGoals

If you want to take more risks in your partnering (or just love jaw-dropping dance videos), we found the perfect inspiration: Amir Guetta and Hemda Ben Zvi. This amazing duo from Israel specializes in an acrobatic circus technique called “hand to hand” blended with creative choreography and influences from martial arts, like capoeira. The result […]

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