Close up of group of unrecognizable people raising their fists in success.

Is Dance Poised for a Union Boom?

Since 2009, the number of Americans who say they approve of unions and want them to be more powerful has steadily grown. In 2022, the National Labor Relations Board reported a 53 percent increase in union election petitions over the year before, meaning that more Americans were joining together with their co-workers to try to form unions. The agency also estimates that a whopping 60 million workers wanted to join a union that year but couldn’t.

Haley Hilton's headshot, featuring Hilton smiling broadly, sits on a wood floor along with a yellow Equity audition number. The text "I Joined the Union!" is superimposed in white.

Dancer Diary: I Joined the Union!

You guys, I did it: I joined the Actors’ Equity Association! Here’s why I decided now was the right time, and details on the timeline/process for joining.

Without an Equity Card, You May Have Trouble at Broadway Auditions

If you’re looking for your first Broadway contract, getting your foot in the door is tricky. Auditions are structured to prioritize members of the Actors’ Equity Association, the union for stage professionals. There are several ways to become a member: Sign a contract for an Equity show; be a member of a sister union, like […]

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