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Will a New Law Combatting Height and Weight Discrimination Affect Hiring Practices in Dance?

A recent win for size inclusivity has even cemented itself legally: On May 26, 2023, New York City mayor Eric Adams signed new legislation to prohibit height or weight discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations, adding these two physical characteristics to the list of those protected, which includes race, gender, age, religion, and sexual orientation.

Plus-Size Dancer Colleen Werner Is Challenging Ballet to Celebrate All Body Shapes

In an industry with strict physique expectations, Colleen Werner is forging an alternate path—an adult dance experience that celebrates body diversity. While studying to become a clinical mental health counselor in Nashville, she’s simultaneously dancing with Black Sheep Ballet, a virtual company that aims to bring ballet to more diverse audiences. Meanwhile on Instagram, she’s […]

Is It Time to Rethink How We Use Mirrors in Dance?

You walk in the studio and the first thing you do is check out your outfit in the mirror. As you work on a new piece of choreography, you use your reflection to get a sense of how it looks. When the choreographer gives you a correction, you peek at yourself again to correct it. […]

Op-Ed: Let’s Stop Talking About Racism and Fat Phobia as Separate Issues

We know ballet has problems. We’re constantly hearing stories of racism endured, of gender discrimination exposed, of body shaming repudiated. But as any ballet teacher might tell you in class, perhaps we need to focus on the linking steps—the connections between these stories. Because ballet’s problems are systemic, not just individual. In particular, I think […]

Kathryn Morgan Opens Up About Body Image in Ballet

Kathryn Morgan is on a mission to change the dance field. The Miami City Ballet soloist and March Dance Magazine cover star appeared on the “Today” Show on February 27 where she openly discussed the challenges of body image and mental health in dance. Two days later, Morgan took to her own YouTube channel to […]

ICYMI: Cover Star Kathryn Morgan Profiled on the "TODAY" Show

Since making her triumphant return to the stage this season, Kathryn Morgan has been on a mission to share her story and inspire others. The Miami City Ballet soloist—and current cover star of Dance Magazine’s March issue—was profiled on NBC’s “TODAY” show this morning, reaching her largest audience yet. Morgan sat down with “TODAY” show […]

"If We Want Our Industry to Welcome All Body Types, We Need to Reevaluate How We Interact Dancer-to-Dancer."

Hip-hop dancer Amanda LaCount reflects on the biases she’s encountered as a plus-size artist—and how dancers can be more supportive of one another. Inclusion starts in the studio, says LaCount. How you treat other dancers matters.  Plus-size dancers still face biases when it comes to booking gigs, but, says LaCount, demeaning comments from fellow dancers […]

4 Ways to Boost Your Body Image in the Studio

Nadine Kaslow, a psychologist who works with dancers at Atlanta Ballet, offers tips for creating a more body-positive studio experience: 1. Ditch the Mirrors. Getty Images Kaslow recommends that teachers lead class with the mirrors covered once in a while. If this isn’t possible, try taking a break from constantly assessing your reflection throughout class. […]

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