Kayla Farrish is curled up on her side, twisting to stare up at the ceiling. Just behind her, a round clock leaning at an angle against a small table. She wears a bright yellow shirt and a floral patterned skirt.

9 Performances on Our Radar This March

March’s performance calendar is action-packed, with perspective-shifting premieres from women choreographers, ambitious works touring to the U.S., a pair of Broadway musicals inspired by popular novels, and more.

a female dancer reaching up and extending her leg side; a male dancer laying on the floor and kicking over his head

Meet Mattie Love, Performer With Madonna’s The Celebration Tour

From Broadway stages to international arenas, Mattie Love’s dancing is electrifying. She has an uncanny ability to move through choreography fluidly but with punchy accents and a raw, earthy quality. Although having such a distinctive style of moving might have intimidated her at first, it’s become her superpower, leading her into some of the most coveted gigs, including performing as Madonna’s doppelgänger in her Celebration Tour.

a female performer wearing a sequined dress standing in front of a marquee

Why Broadway Dancers Are Taking Over TikTok

If you use TikTok, you’ve almost certainly noticed that Broadway dancers are having a big moment on the app. Sharing behind-the-scenes tidbits, demystifying #tourlife, orchestrating backstage hijinks, nerding out over favorite shows: Musical theater performers are creating content that makes full use of their distinctive talents—and earning big followings in the process. And many of these social media stars are ensemble members, swings, and understudies, whose roles are vital to the success of any show, but who don’t typically get much time in the spotlight.

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